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[ † ] A flash of light starts small at first and gradually spreads until the emission engulfs the screen and turns completely white, giving the impression that whatever was supposed to be transmitted has actually timed out or gone array. If one chooses to continue to watch the feed play back however, the light slowly begins to retract, and once clear reveals a large man looks to have fallen into a deep sleep outside on church grounds with his arm wrapped around his large bible, and something glints in his hand.

Upon closer inspection it appears to be a crystal he'd fished out from the baptistry pools during his scrubbing of St. Peter's sacred walls from soot and ash remnants, though any eyes to pass over it would find the crystalline fragment was curiously the source of illumination.

The commlink is knocked askew from the fold of the shepherd's clerical robes, falling at an angle where the memory seems to be stuck on repeat. Peering into the faceted surface only causes the crystal to brighten again..Only this time a voice shines through, and the spotlight points dim, wavering slightly as it would seem that they were actually hospital lamps being shone down through a human-sized tank. [ † ]

If then there be for him an angel, one out of a thousand, a mediator, To show him what is right for him and bring the man back to justice, He will take pity on him and say: "Deliver him from going down to the pit; I have found him a ransom."

And his flesh shall become soft as a boy's; he shall be again as in the days of his youth.

[ † ] The voice sounds garbled and far away, as though underwater, and fingers slipped against reinforced glass, vision fading in and out, though in what flashes could be seen there was two men standing in front of the underwater chamber, both faces obscured. [ † ]

His soul draws near to the pit, his life to the place of the dead.

[ † ] One of the figures moves closer, a white lab coat visible beyond that terrible smile. [ † ]
Do you think he's ready, Father Renaldo?

[ † ] The figure opposite turns with a flash of spectacles, and with a steady hand draws the sign of the cross, long flowing robes fluttering in the movement. Fingers turn the beads of a rosary in his hand, and he appears to be the voice from before, his lips moving even though the sounds were slightly garbled. [ † ]

A man chastened on his bed by pain and unceasing suffering within his frame, So that to his appetite food becomes repulsive, and his senses reject the choicest nourishment. His flesh is wasted so that it cannot be seen, and his bones, once invisible, appear.

[ † ] The man called Father Renaldo takes a step forward, faces full front, and stares straight at the screen, which appears to be seen through a bluish layer of liquid. A hand slams against the glass, causing the two men to jump, though Renaldo does not turn away. [ † ]

O-oh...Beautiful, isn't he?

[ † ] The scientist remarked in quiet awe, and in the reflection of Renaldo's lenses there's a brief flash of what appears to be a number of different valves so many that they appear painful, and tubes attached are sticking out from, and in several cases through the limbs, torso, and head of a very large man, his face covered in a black mask and unrecognizable except for a pair of smoldering green eyes. [ † ]

Behold, God is sublime in his power. He preserves not the life of the wicked. See how in his eyes he holds the lightning and how his thunder speaks for him and incites the fury of the storm.

"Awaken, Regenerator Anderson. Your past is undone and unwritten. Your earthly attachments are severed.

Forget who you once were.

You are now His Sword and You will Punish those decreed in the name of Iscariot.

Serve the LORD with Fear, and Rejoice with Trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little.


[ ooc: Backdated to early evening. A little late due to RL circumstances. ]
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