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 [ † ] With a ruminative patience the humble Priest sat in the wooden structure of St. Peter's confessional, an especially quiet demeanor cast upon his countenance as he idly traced the leather binding of his well-worn Bible. The thin pages were slightly wrinkled with use around the edges, yet turned softly, silver frames glinting in the glare when he bent his head to read the Gregorian lettering. For a moment it almost appears he would be imparting another of the many Catholic lessons he had to share with the network, as he had the communicator secured in his lap; however, he simply slid the book closed, and set it to the side of him, running fingers through gold locks that were beginning to droop across his browline.

A soft clearing of the throat, and he leans forward, speaking low though there was no real need for it. [ † ]

Ah woul' like tae make ahn announcement:

Th' St. Peter's Church will noo open tae Confessional durin' th' evenings during th' week, ahn on Saturday mornings, evenings, ahn Sundays, 8-10AM; 8-9PM fer ae general time, boot ye can stop by whenever ye like, as lang as ah or mae brethren Enrico Maxwell ar' here.

Ah will also be holdin' Mass as usual on Sunday. Th' LORD has had other work fer mae, boot noo thaet things have settled doon again ah ken thaet ah canna neglect mae holieh office any longer.

Ah encourage ye tae attend. 

Ah've also placed ae simple example oop here fer those thaet ar' unfamiliar o' ar' unbaptized boot woul' like tae confess: [ ]

Fer thoos' o ye who've nae seen me before, ah'm Faither Andersoon, ahn shoul' ye require mae assistance dinna hesitate tae ask. Ah can provide services ootside o' th' religious kind, ef ye prefer, though ah dinna mind helpin' ye wit' any sort o' questions ye migh' have. 

Ef ye'd like a description regarding those services, pleas' feel free tae respond accordingly.

O'...On another note...Regardin' th' musicians o' Discedo ah was curious tae see ef any o' thaem woul' nae mind ef ah came ahn took ae look at thaer work. Ah'm interested tae see whit sort o' instruments ye've goot tucked away . . .
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