Mar. 17th, 2010

sanctus_cineris: (Father - Bloody Prayer)
Be kind; Be vigilant; Be sober; For you know not when the Peril Cometh. )

To your Brethern be True... )

Keep ae...calm ahn sober mind. Above all, ne'er let yer love fer one another grow insincere, fer lo'e covers o'er manieh ae sin. Welcome each other entae yer houses withou' grumblin'. Each yin o ye 'as received ae special Grace; therefer', like guid stewards responsible fer all o' thae differen' graces o' God, put yerselves at thae services o' others. Ef ye bae ae speaker, speak en words thaet coom frem God; Ef ye bae ae helper, help as though e'erieh action was doon at 'Is Order, sae thaet en everythin', He may receive thae Glory through Jesus Chris', since tae Him all Glorieh ahn Power belong. Amen.

Be of Service to those that Need you... )
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