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 [ † ] At exactly 6 P.M. the deep peal of Angelus church bells can be heard ringing from St. Peter's throughout Discedo in a triple stroke repeated three times in the tradition of a triple Hail Mary, pausing between each set of three..Until finally the tolling is drawn out for an elongated vibration, and then eventually settles into silence once more.

Inside the church, a single white candle is lit upon the altar, the Priest standing not too far off in the distance. He seems to be holding himself up rather well despite the flurry of activity that had been going on outside the last few days, closing his eyes peacefully before the monumental Cross and stepping down to genuflect before it.

As he comes to stand once again he begins to recite the Angelus prayer in flowing Latin. As he has no congregation the good Father simply repeats the words back where they are needed, standing before the lectern with seemingly no expectations for a following even in the celebration of the Annunciation of the Lord. [ † ]

Ángelus Dómini nuntiávit Maríæ.
Et concépit de Spíritu Sancto.

Ave, María...

Ecce ancílla Dómini.
Fiat mihi secúndum verbum tuum.

Ave, María...

Et Verbum caro factum est.
Et habitávit in nobis.

Ave, María...

Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei génetrix.
Ut digni efficiámur promissiónibus Christi.


Grátiam tuam, quæsumus,
Dómine, méntibus nostris infúnde;
ut qui, Ángelo nuntiánte,
Christi Fílii tui incarnatiónem cognóvimus,
per passiónem eius et crucem,
ad resurrectiónis glóriam perducámur.

Per eúndem Christum Dóminum nostrum. Amen.

Glória Patri...

[ † ] He steps down, turns, and heads towards Maxwell's bedroom door, giving it a light tap of his knuckles. Brows crinkle anxiously, and his voice cracks a little, a small bout of coughing stifled by a personal cloth he'd kept in his pocket. [ † ]

Maxwell...Ah need tae talk tae ye. E-e..t's important.


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[Although completely irritated with Anderson's molly-coddling of him as if he were a child, Maxwell couldn't bring himself to outright ignore his subordinate when called upon so timidly.]

A revelation, Father?

[Spoken most curtly, yet not enough to drive him away, he knew the man would know better of him. The door clicked and mewled as it was opened, the Archbishop dressed in his newly cleaned clerical garb thanks to the laboring priest standing before him.]

Or something more dire?

[He wouldn't be surprised if something calamitous had happened whilst he was sleeping.]

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[His chin hairs prickle at that, bulky frame filling the door space before him. He was happy to see the Archbishop on his feet looking slightly like his old self again, hair sparked to a lustrous shine with the help of his attentive hands, and the generous helpings of food he'd been feeding him.]

..Can ah coom' en?


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[What wonders nourishment and care of another could do for this man. Never would one guess he could become so codependent for how much he shoved the world away. A faint ghost of a smirk etched his mouth as he stepped back, opening up his palm to gesture his shepherd inside.]

But of course.

[Not at all too disquieted by his large intrusion. It was a empty space he would not admit he had missed being taken up by him. Maxwell took a shaky seat upon his mattress, offering Anderson the chair to his make-shift desk. The way his frail body shuddered as he made himself comfortable with neatly crossed legs, was a mark of the pain in his torso that still plagued him.]


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[Which was why he had come. Maxwell's injuries were beyond his scope of battlefield aid; or at least, should he be forced to assist the man on his own without medical personnel he would have been perfectly capable, though the results wouldn't have been pretty.

Especially given the Archbishop's low pain threshold, and the fact that a broken rib cage could be misaligned so easily meant that he would have most likely had to have reset them. And without any sort of anesthetic, could have worsened his condition.

He steps past the lean willow of a man and took what was offered to him, pulling the chair over to the bedside.]

..Ye need tae go tae thae hospital.
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[The Archbishop knew his priest meant well in his concern, yet that icy indignant glare still managed to leer it's way into his harsh gaze.]

I refuse. The staff there have had their fill of me, and I of them.

[Much was his assumption that the pain he suffered was merely the usual aftermath of a broken ribcage. Little did he know that they had not completely set right and needed to be broken again.]


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...Ye're goin'. E'en ef ah 'ave tae hitch ye oop wit' ae rope.

[He was very much serious; Anderson was never the type to threaten needlessly, after all. For once, he would not give Maxwell a choice on this one. He would go, or be hefted like an unruly child over his shoulder and carried into St. Andrew's whether the disagreeable Italian liked it or not.]


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Hogtie me, will you? Like a common swine? Where are you getting off, Anderson?

[Holding his ground like the stubborn 12 year old that still squalled inside him every so often, Maxwell crossed his arms and steeled his stance before the priest as he stood with an obvious wince in his eye.]

Go ahead and try!


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[Wordlessly breaching the gap between them he gripped either side of frail shoulders and roughly shoved him back onto the mattress, glaring down at him fiercely.

No possibilities, this time. No struggling. Only finalities.]

Dinnae ye try mae patience, o' Prince.

[He hissed, that familiar darkness settling in over his countenance.]

Ye're en nae position tae bae arguin' wit' mae, dae ye understand?


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[Static crackles, a sibilant hiss ghosts across the receiver.]

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[A joyous simper dances across an ashen mouth at the tintinnabulum of vesper bells.]

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[There was only one who knew well of those careful chimes, knew well of the one who made them sing--and in turn caused the ivories of a demon to shiver...]

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[...with enticement...]

Re: 1/???

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[...with ecstasy...]

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[...With tainted and unbridled rhapsody!]

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[For even those who speak naught of the Devil, he will hear...]


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[The shattering sound of the hallowed church's irrodescent windows broke out across the night. A heart once dead and black leapt with a sadist's joy of rebirth and the Nosferatu who had been longing for this eve again danced in harmony with the trill inside his breast.

A shrill screech pierced the fog to retort the roaring priest and the resound of the vampire's stampede towards the church could be heard from the pews. A blur of shadow and blood hurdled at the doors...

...and a deafening crash thrummed against them, nearly shuddering the barricade off it's hinges.




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[The flying glass shattered as assuredly as the calm visage the Priest employed, every sense drowning under the pressure between his ears. A raging lion tearing through a sea of corpses this Paladin was, literally throwing himself at the church doors and ripping them open.]


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V-vai Doamne!!

[Cried a childlike voice in a panic as the church doors flew open as if a demon from Hell threw those sacred gates off their hinges.

At Anderson's feet was however was not another demon from Hell to meet him.. but a mere boy, naught 13 years of age, curled with a dagger defensively over his face and shaking like a leaf in a torpid wind.]

E-e-eu nu sunt duşmanul tău! [I am not your enemy!]

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[Blades barely skim those innocent hairs, and he literally has to leap over the tiny figure in order to avoid slamming into him. A soft 'crunch' of dirt and rubble underfoot, the dry dust stirring like the whirlwind of God's wraith.]


[When he lands he cocks his head, listening for the beast he'd known was surely there, though shocked enough out of his state that the boy's sudden presence had him concerned.]

..A-are ye alrigh' lad?

[A sort of sheepish quality to his voice, though the dialect that arose was for once unfamiliar to an untrained tongue such as he.]

Thaer's ae monster lurkin' aboo', ye shoul'....Nae be oot here.

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[The little warrior had ducked swiftly as if he had smelled the potency of the silver-infused blade, and backed up against the church doors, holding his dagger defensively. His stance was like that of a knight trained since he could walk. He was poised, with every tendon wound to strike for a perfect kill.

One so young should have never been so ready to dispatch death, yet those were the times he had lived in. And he, regarding Anderson with all the meticulousness of a patron of the blade, saw in the way he walked, the way he held those blessed swords... that he was not just a crazed armed priest... he was one of the many he was searching for.]


[He uttered with a heavenly thick Wallachian lilt, medieval and dark as his eyes were.]

You're a Knight of the Cross.
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[He could see death in those eyes, in the young Dragon's stance. He was fearless. A child crusader. The Archangels themselves would have lain down their fiery swords of light in the face of such bravery.]

Ah am.

[An affirmation, and he steps forwards, the blades tucking back into the invisible seams of his sleeves.]


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